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Rainbow Season 23 Episode 3 Getting in a Muddle 1991

Geoffrey's talking to Dawn's sister Annette on the phone about finding things for the jumble sale, but a kite has got stuck up in a tree and Zippy ends up getting tangled up when he climbs up to get it. Bungle can't unravel it, but George manages to. Geoffrey's sorting out clothes for the jumble sale, but Bungle mishears him and thinks Geoffrey's taking them to the jungle and taking a net. Zippy thinks he's going to give all the old clothes to the animals and Bungle goes to put them all in a suitcase. Everyone's just about to leave to go to the jumble sale when Annette rings Geoffrey and he tells her the lovely things he's found for the jumble sale, lots of bits of old newspaper, bits of straw and some chewed carrot, but that's not right so he speaks with Zippy, George and Bungle. Bungle then realizes they're going to the jumble and not the jungle and Dawn's sister Annette is coming and not a net. Geoffrey reads a story called 'Monty's Muddled Monday'. Then he tells Zippy, Bungle and George that they're going to see Aunty Jean tomorrow, but Bungle thinks they're going to sea in a submarine.

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